Month: February 2017

13 Myths about Depression

There are plenty of myths in regard to the existence of depression how it can have an effect on your system, so this article is designed to debunk these myths and provide you with the facts. Depression isn’t a real medical condition Depression is a medical condition with real symptoms and extremely severe consequences if

I’m sorry for all the times my anxiety and depression made me rubbish at texting you back

Ellen Scott for friends, colleagues, potential dates, and family members whose texts I’ve left unanswered, whose conversations have stopped dead, and whose calls I’ve ignored. I’m sorry. I don’t hate you, I promise. I’m not trying to gently ease my way out of our relationship. You haven’t pissed me off, you haven’t said the

17 Memes That Slightly Anxious People Will Understand

Natalya Lobanova 1. Twitter: @GentlemanVow 2. 3. 4. Twitter: @marisuh_x 5. 6. Twitter: @AdrianC28553804 7. Twitter: @comedyposts 8. Twitter: @iQuoteComedy 9. Twitter: @ItsPrincessAnna 10. Twitter: @catholic_nun 11. 12. Twitter: @uLelato 13. 14. 15. Twitter: @highlytrue 16. 17. If you need information and practical advice on mental health,

This Couple Did A Super Depressing Breakup Photo Shoot And People Have No Idea How To Feel

Julia Reinstein Meet Harrison Bach and Jacqueline Martin, two 22-year-olds who dated for three years before breaking up a little over a year ago. Harrison Bach Bach said Martin’s move from their Detroit-area hometown to Los Angeles was “the first catalyst to all their problems” and “turned into the whole nine yards of everything that