Month: December 2017

When You Beat Yourself Up for ‘Being Lazy’ as Someone With Depression

Amy D One of the biggest myths about depression that the mental health community has been trying to bust is that people with depression are “just lazy.” Can’t hold down a job because of your depression? Lazy. House always a mess because your depression means you can’t face cleaning it? Lazy. Spend all day in bed because depression tells you that leaving it

In the wake of Chester Bennington: an Open Letter to Those who Don’t Understand Depression.

Via Amy Bradley The morning after the news broke of the world’s tragic loss of brilliant, yet long-suffering, Chester Bennington, social media accounts were flooded with messages of sorrow, sympathy, prayers, and love for him and his family. There were many beautiful sentiments and feelings that none of us can properly describe, but the attempts were heartfelt—and, for a few days, we (as a community) mourn him

11 Unbelievable Habits Of People With Hidden Depression (#9 Is So Sad)

BY SHAUN WHITE Depression is a serious psychological disorder that affects more and more people each year. People with hidden depression are battling their demons internally within themselves, without anyone knowing. In the age of superficiality, we avoid telling other people our issues that causes us to bottle them inside us. Unfortunately, many people think this

3 Types of Depression Unique to Women

The American Institute of Stress says that “women have a stronger genetic predisposition for depression than men based on identical and fraternal twin studies, as well as documented and detailed family history records.” That’s actually one of the reasons listed as to why women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men. Of course, there are

When Anxiety Strikes I’d Love To Be Wrong

By Kirsten Corley When people tell me I’m overanalyzing things or overthinking it or reading too much into the situation, I want them to be right. I want to dismiss this little thing that is overcoming my thoughts and emotions as me being a paranoid fuck. When anxiety strikes I would love nothing more than to