I Have Anxiety, And I’m ‘Faking It’ Every Day

Allison Toy This is a full confession. I’ve never told anyone this before. Years ago, before I personally experienced depression or anxiety, I thought people with anxiety were dramatic. With my limited frame of reference, I believed they just needed to “chill out.” I thought anxiety levels were completely under conscious control. After experiencing anxiety firsthand, I’ve realized

8 Hidden Signs You Might Be Depressed

Depression, especially milder cases, doesn’t always involve crying or feeling obviously unhappy. These subtler mental clues could also indicate you have this mood disorder. BY LAUREN GELMAN You hide from your feelings You might be a “perfectly hidden depressed person,” says Fayetteville, Arkansas psychologist Margaret Rutherford, PhD, where people think, “This is someone out there

Anxiety And Worry May Be Linked To Higher Intelligence

BY DHARAM BARRETT To all of you worriers out there, it’s time to celebrate your anxieties and here is why. Buy an “Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt! In a recent study of undergraduate students, Canadian researchers found a direct link between anxiety and verbal intelligence and another study found that people diagnosed with anxiety tend to have higher IQs. Those with

20 Signs It’s Time To Seek Treatment For Your Anxiety

BY ROBYN REISCH   Anxiety Is Frustrating, Stressful, And Completely Terrifying. It steals the joy from your life and replaces it with fear. It doesn’t make sense, but recognizing its illogical nature doesn’t make it go away. As Charles Haddon Spurgeon wrote,“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.”